About us

KiwiSelect Services Limited (hereinafter referred to as KiwiSelect) was incorporated in June 2008. KiwiSelect is a registered financial service provider (FSP37014), having registered itself on the Financial Service Providers register on 27 November 2010. KiwiSelect has been helping Kiwi's implement, switch and manage their KiwiSaver account since its registration as a FSP. KiwiSelect is a privately owned company and is not owned or controlled by any KiwiSaver provider. With our service you have a range of quality providers to choose from - all in one place and just a mouse click away!

We are passionate about making sure Kiwi's take advantage of all the current benefits that KiwiSaver has to offer.

Contact Details

22 Kings Cresent
PO Box 31519
Lower Hutt 5040

Phone: 0508 549 473
Email: team@kiwiselect.co.nz