Choosing and comparing KiwiSaver schemes 04 Dec 2015

We think it’s a great thing that New Zealanders have a say in which KiwiSaver provider gets to look after their well-earned retirement fund. That’s right – KiwiSaver lets you choose who is going to be your KiwiSaver provider!

And if you’re thinking that it probably doesn’t make any difference which provider you choose, you’re wrong. It can make a significant difference, because the different KiwiSaver providers all have different methods and ideas about how to best manage your funds.

For example, some KiwiSaver providers have a focus on growth. They take more risks when investing your money, with the goal being to bring that money back, plus extra. Some are more conservative and choose not to run risks. While there are less risks, there’s also less opportunity to grow your funds as fast.

So what should you be looking out for when looking to switch KiwiSaver schemes?

First, look at the options they provide. Is there an investment strategy that suits you and your risk profile?

Then look at the level of communication they offer. Do they provide a level of service that suits you? And what level of information do they provide about your account and its progress? Also, how easy is it to understand the information they offer?

Choosing an investment fund

So how do you go about switching KiwiSaver, or choosing the KiwiSaver scheme that’s right for you? Most providers will offer you a range of investment strategies and funds, and allow you to choose which fund your savings go into. When choosing, there are a couple of important things to consider: risk and return, and the fees you’ll be charged.

Risk and return

A fund’s risk level is determined by the percentage invested in growth assets. These are types of investments like shares and property that have the potential for higher returns over the long-term, but also have the potential for changes in value.


Fees are charged to pay for the investment, management and administration costs of running the scheme.

Ready to compare KiwiSaver funds?

To compare fund performance, fees and the services offered by providers so you can choose the one that suits you best, click here to use our KiwiSaver fund finder click here to use our KiwiSaver fund finder.