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To help you compare KiwiSaver options and choose a plan, KiwiSelect has joined up with FundSource (New Zealand's leading investment research house)


FundSource is New Zealand's leading investment research house, supplying analysis to financial advisers and fund managers since 1987. FundSource is a well known and trusted brand in the New Zealand market.

FundSource produces quantitative research and offers insightful industry reports which can be subscribed to.

As a wholly owned subsidiary of NZX, the operator of the New Zealand stock exchange, FundSource has access to a diverse range of multi disciplines including legal, finance and investment analysts.

Any representation or statement expressed on is made in good faith on the basis that FundSource Limited is not able to be liable in respect of such representation or statement. FundSource does not guarantee the accuracy of third-party information used to calculate investment returns. This information should not be relied upon as a substitute for detailed advice from an authorised financial adviser. Copyright © FundSource Limited.

For more information about FundSource please contact: or +64 4 495 2383.


FundSource's quantitative Star Ratings help KiwiSaver members evaluate the past performance of an individual fund relative to other KiwiSaver scheme funds in the same sector (e.g. Cash, Conservative, Balanced or Growth). The FundSource quantitative Star Ratings provide historic performance measures and should be used for illustrative purposes only. The Star Ratings do not reflect FundSource's qualitative opinions, nor do they seek to portray the fund's future performance potential.  The FundSource Star Ratings are neither a predictive measure nor a recommendation.

FundSource Star Ratings - The Technical Stuff

The star ratings use a measure which is essentially a risk/return ratio takes account of fund performance in relation to its relevant sector. This ratio gives the fund a score, and then each fund is given a Star Rating according to its percentile rank relative to other funds within their sector, as shown in the table below. A minimum of 3 years performance data is required before a Star Rating is given.

The top 15% of funds get 5 stars
next 20% 4 stars
next 30% 3 stars
next 20% 2 star
bottom 15% 1 star

For detailed explanation of the FundSource Star Rating please contact: or +64 4 495 2383.