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The smartkiwi scheme is managed by Smartshares Limited which is a wholly owned subsidiary of NZX Limited. smartkiwi is a combination of passive index tracking funds known as exchange traded funds (ETFs). The benefits of a passive investment approach include low costs to the investor when compared to actively managed funds. The returns for smartkiwi aim to match the applicable underlying investments benchmark that is being tracked.

More on smartkiwi

smartkiwi quote the following about their KiwiSaver scheme: “smartkiwi has been designed specifically with the investor in mind. We believe that you should get the most out of your savings and this is our goal in all aspects of our scheme. How have we done this? Well, smartkiwi is a simple, low cost KiwiSaver scheme designed to deliver you the best value from your money.”

The fine print

For more information you can download and view this provider's KiwiSaver investment statement as a PDF.