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There are a variety of KiwiSaver providers, and each offers a range of funds. Some funds aim to be slow and steady with lower growth, while others aim for higher growth but have more ups and downs. Often the right fund for you can depend on two main things:

Your Age

Time is your friend. If you have plenty of time you can aim for higher growth because short-term up & downs may not concern you. However, as you near retirement, slow and steady may be the way to go.

Your Attitude

You need to be comfortable with your KiwiSaver Account. Are you prepared for sharp ups and downs, but higher long-term growth? Or do you want slow and steady with lower growth?

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Typical fund make up (as provided by FundSource) Help

  •   0% Australasian Shares
  •   0% Property
  •   0% Australasian Fixed Interest
  •   100% Cash
  •   0% Global Fixed Interest
  •   0% Global Shares

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First, you need to be investing over a medium to long time frame (at least 5 years). This is because a balanced fund tends to do well over the medium to long term, but can have some short term ups and downs along the way.

As long as you are comfortable with that possibility and have a reasonable time frame, a balanced fund could be a great choice. If you’re saving for a lot longer you could even consider a higher growth option (and if you’re saving for less time you may be better to go more conservative).

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