Keen on a free $500? 08 Sep 2015

Did you know you could be eligible for a $521 KiwiSaver top-up? Who wouldn't say no to an extra $500?

For every dollar you put into KiwiSaver, the government will match it with 50 cents - up to a maximum of $521.43 each year. THis is on top of the $1000 kick-start (which has since been discontinued), and your employer contributions.

There are a few criteria you have to meet to be able to get the maximum $521. For a start, you have to be aged between 18 and 65. You also need to be contributing at least $1042.86 into your KiwiSaver account each year. That's only $20.06 a week.

If you've been putting that amount into your account, you'll get the maximum $521 top-up from the Government. If not, you'll still get a Government top-up, but it won't be for as much.

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