Want to switch to a different KiwiSaver scheme?

Are you not 100% satisfied with your current KiwiSaver provider? Or have you been ‘automatically enrolled' into KiwiSaver without choosing your own KiwiSaver provider or fund? If so, it's great that you're taking the time to explore your options - KiwiSelect is here to help!

It's easy!

To change providers, simply complete KiwiSelect's online application process as usual (there is only one additional box to tick!).  Your existing account balance would be transfered to your new chosen KiwiSaver provider. Your new KiwiSaver provider will take care of it all - they will contact the IRD to update your records, and will contact your old provider to arrange for your money to be transferred. 

It's free.

Moving between providers is totally free.  Also, it doesn’t alter any of the incentives you’ve received or are entitled to.

What to do next?