Why use KiwiSelect

KiwiSelect is free to use and it provides you with information on several different KiwiSaver providers for you to choose from. It's easy to open a new KiwiSaver account or to switch to one of KiwiSelect's chosen providers.

It's Free


Privately owned


There are no hidden charges. The service offered by the KiwiSelect website is entirely free of charge to use.


KiwiSelect is not owned or controlled by any KiwiSaver provider. With our service you have a range of quality providers to choose from - all in one place and just a mouse click away!


You make the choice


Ongoing service


And there's no pressure and no hard sell. Our goal is to offer a range of quality providers and tools to help you compare and apply online easily.


Did you want to make a change to your KiwiSaver account?

Or did you have a question or need help? Whether it's arranging an extra deposit or finding out your account balance, we'll have the tools and service to assist you.


Thanks for visiting KiwiSelect. If you have any questions or feedback about our service we'd love to hear from you!